Baby Massage Baby Yoga offers baby massage classes and baby yoga classes led by Dr. Rita O'Flynn and held at her home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. We also offer postnatal pilates and specific postnatal exercise programmes for new mothers.
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

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When to Start Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

You can start massaging your baby as soon as they are born. There is no need to wait, so baby massage classes can be started as soon as you feel up to it.

When my first child was born, I remember returning home from the hospital and thinking "What am I supposed to do next?". Other than the necessary duties you need to perform to look after a newborn baby, baby massage is a very practical solution to this dilemma.

Your baby may not appear to be doing much during their first few weeks at home. Whilst all they seem to do is eat and sleep, then eat and sleep again, your baby is growing at the fastest rate they will ever experience. Babies grow while they sleep and this is exactly why they sleep so much in the early days.  During this time there is very little you can do with your baby and, to be quite honest, they are not up to much. 

However, one thing you can do in the comfort of your own home is baby massage.  It is wonderful to learn and will be a skill you will keep forever and be able to carry out on any future babies you may have. You can practice baby massage from birth right up until your baby starts to crawl. Once your baby is crawling, even if they love lying and being massaged, investigating the world is more important and they will not keep still for you to massage in the way they used to. Of course, massage can be re-established when your child is a toddler and does not have to end here. 

At about 10-12 weeks, or just as your baby is showing signs of head control, you can start baby yoga which baby will enjoy as it is more active. You can, of course, continue with baby massage as part of your bedtime routine.


Baby yoga classes, incorporating fun exercises to music and songs, can be continued whilst your baby is actively crawling right up until they start to walk. These classes are also a great way to meet other new mums and dads.

More practically, on a day-to-day basis, it is best to massage your baby just before their last feed when all is quiet.  This is because of the sleep-inducing effects of baby massage.

Some days you may choose not to do a full massage. On these occasions you can massage the exposed parts of the body during a nappy change.

Baby yoga is best done during the more wakeful periods of the day and you can introduce it seamlessly as part of your playtime.

Never massage or practice baby yoga when your baby has a full stomach.  It is best to leave at least 25 to 30 minutes after feeding.

Do not do baby massage or baby yoga if your baby is unwell, has just had their vaccinations or has a temperature.

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